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Formerly known as the Jo Christie Dance Centre since 1991, now under new ownership SO Dance Academy launched in 2018 looking to take the school to next level. At SO Dance Academy we provide a fun, safe and friendly atmosphere for all levels of dancers to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Our goal is that every student who attends here will not just improve their dance ability but also improve their confidence and self belief which can boost children’s academic, social and emotional well being, and compliment all other aspects of their lives.

At SO Dance Academy we believe performance is an important aspect of the Creative Arts and Dance training process. A large portion of the year is spent developing dance skills and techniques, culminating in performance opportunities throughout the year. All ages and levels come together to feel the enchantment of the theatre, and the magic of performing on stage.

Examinations are an integral part of Dance training and we regularly hold examination sessions with the IDTA in all Dance styles offered at the academy. With a 100% success rate! 

We believe that SO Dance Academy boasts a modern outlook, dynamic atmosphere and inspiring backdrop, making the Academy an energising and contemporary place to study.



Here are some of the  wonderful  benefits  that studying with us has to offer:

•Increased hand eye coordination, body awareness, balance, strength, and flexibility;

•Increased concentration, focus, memory, listening skills, spatial awareness, attention span and discipline;

•Enhanced confidence, self-esteem, creativity, expression, confidence, and character building;

•Enhanced group synergy, team and community building experiences;


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